Thursday, August 13, 2015

People that run on emotions hurt the people around them.

One of the biggest errors in society that has developed over the past few decades is the psychological mantra of validating feelings and the need to express emotion. It may seem therapeutic but without Eastern wisdom it causes as much pain as it solves. Without an understanding of the teaching of Buddha it is misguided advice that causes more pain. To accept that emotions happen is good. To not teach people to control their emotions is bad.  To allow oneself to react to emotions is to allow them to control you. Your locus of control has become other people and the stressors that cause you unhappiness.
While it is healthy to recognize emotions and validate people for feeling, it is not ok to allow people to act on their emotions around others. To think we can act as we please is the problem, because it creates a blind spot where emotional action is OK.  This is the cause of unhappiness. People that feel justified to act a certain way due to emotions may feel better but don't feel worse when those actions cause ripples unto other emotions.  This causes a cascade effect that carries on the emotions to others which ripple through and harm the good. It can all be avoided.

People must be taught that emotions can only ruin them if they let emotions reign. People must be taught that emotions are not enough reason to act out against others. People must be taught that self control and mastery of one's own emotions is a reward and a goal in itself. It is a perfect goal unattainable but rewarding in the pursuit.

To tell people it is OK to react to emotions without understanding the commitment to self-control that is necessary is to arm a nation of unhappy people with a justification to act, to let them shoot wildly. 

Emotionalism, the idea to let emotions run a person's behavior is to harm society. It ripples unto others that did not cause the harm in the first place. It is as harmful as guns and alcohol. Worse because guns and alcohol are outlets for emotional people that act on their hurt feelings. Danger comes from people out of control. Under all the evil actions in society are raw emotions that caused them. Guns held by people may shoot people but it is emotion that pulls most triggers. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Hatred. Scorn. Sadness. Misery. Palpable feelings let loose on the world.  Emotions have no form but their consequences scar the world.

One might save the world from shootings if one could teach people to be centered and in control of emotions. One might change how we treat each other if one could teach us how to behave.