Friday, August 21, 2015

Judge Harper on Harper

If you want to consider who is best for the job of Prime Minister, then judge the incumbent on his entire record:

Here is what he pledged in 2004 entitled: DEMANDING BETTER

Demand Better Accountability:
End waste, mismanagement and corruption in Ottawa.

We will direct the Auditor General to audit all federal granting programs and recommend changes to reduce waste and fraud.

We will create an independent Ethics Commissioner appointed by Parliament not by the Prime Minister 

We will hold elections to fill vacancies in the Senate

We will increase the power of individual Members of Parliament

We will give Parliament, not the Courts, the final decision on issues like marriage

We will cooperate with the provinces and respect the principles of confederation

Demand a Better Economy:
Lower taxes, control spending and create jobs
We will reduce the Federal tax rate on middle-income Canadians by more than 25 percent
We will introduce a $2000 per child deduction to reduce the fax burden on families with children
We will reduce premiums to eliminate  the annual surplus in the Employment Insurance account 
We will invest in infrastructure by transferring at least 3 cents of the gas tax to the provinces
We will introduce a new Registered Lifetime Savings Plan that allows Canadians to withdraw their money tax-free 
We will control government spending and pay down the national debt
We will cut wasteful  corporate subsidies in order to reduce taxes for all businesses
Help all businesses, not the favoured few
We will invest in research and development especially medical and scientific research
At page 22, I stopped copying out promises....Thanks to Poltext for the stored political manifestos