Monday, August 17, 2015

Here's how #DonaldTrump is smart like a fox... and how he might win...

#DonaldTrump has not shied away from insulting many groups and people individually and collectively over the years and more recently every day of the week while applying for the job of US president. Especially those that confront him, like Megyn Kelly.

But this is one demographic he has never insulted:

Male workers.

Nor will he ever. Because his real constituency is male workers. He is their attributional dream - a lot of them want to end up like Trump. They want to become the rich snob with the helicopters and the pads. They will listen to him if for no other reason than envy.  They also are frustrated at the same rate about illegal immigrants and foreign trade disparity. This is who Trump appeals to. These are the people to put him in the White House.

He doesn't appear like a boob to frustrated male workers. He has a track record of getting things done. More than Clinton, Obama, and Bushes combined.

Trump is smart like a fox, he knows his research and he knows his market.

And this is why Trump might win:
America has lost its key check to the system.