Friday, August 28, 2015

Threatening scientists that work for the government for political advocacy is a waste of taxpayers money.

A Scientist studying bird migration and with one month till retirement is now being investigated for expressing his political opinion. In a month, he's retired. He is studying bird migration. He wrote and performed a song on his own time. He has violated no scientific ethical standards.

Stop and think about what that means. It means that the political arm, the conservative government, is so vindictive towards anyone that stands up to it that they would rather waste manager's time, waste taxpayer-funded labour and overhead, investigating no crime - the Supreme Court has ruled government employees have a right to participate in politics - just so they can get vengeance. And if this ends up in a lawsuit for wrongful dismissal the government may be on the hook to pay for lawyers and a settlement. That is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

Imagine how many other wastes of resources they send the bureaucracy on in pursuit of vendetta? How is that responsible government?  In a month he would be gone but they want to react and let his action have power, demonstrate he is stronger.