Saturday, August 29, 2015

The value of meaning of words

Ideas express atomic thought-expressions.  Words represent ideas. People assign meaning to ideas. Meanings are not attached to ideas nor words, they are assumed by people to be causally-linked. Herein lies the problem.

From that attached meaning derives purpose. Purpose derives action. Action changes the world. This is the value of meaning.

People will live and die by what they think something means.  People live by single meanings for what could be a myriad of equal interpretations. People get emotional when their expectations regarding these meanings do not match.

If one could get people to act with purpose from meaning but not expect there is only one meaning then peace can be attained. If one could get people to derive purpose without meaning then one could steer the people around harmful meaning yet retain a purpose and action.

Guiding people to purpose without meaning is a noble effort.