Friday, October 30, 2015

#CNBCMediaBias: Why would you ask a question of a presidential candidate you would be embarrassed to ask a president?

If the media claims to follow the same high standards they criticize candidates for, then why would they ask questions that would sully professional journalism?  These are the same people that explain they are different from bloggers and online media because they are "professional". #CNBC debate tactics was nothing more than an inquisition without a trial.  They sound like pedophile priests distancing themselves from pedophiles.

Here is a simple media test: if the question would embarrass a journalist when asked to the president of the United States, then why would you ask it to a candidate? Someday that person might be. So why skew an information exchange debate with your own spin? How can the public rely on the media if they sink to cheap ratings tactics like bloggers do?