Saturday, October 17, 2015

Idris Elba too street to play Bond; this was not an insult.

Idris Elba too street to play Bond; this was not an insult.

The idea behind the comment that Idris Elba was not suited to play Bond was not something hysterical as most kneejerk reactors chose to take it.  It has nothing to do with Idris and had everything to do with Bond.  It was not code for racism.

Idris Elba is a great actor.  I thought he was the most convincing commander in Pacific Rim.  He's no slouch at transformation for a role and after his interview  with Wendy Mesley I want to see him as Mandela. This comment had nothing to with Elba's ability.

James Bond is a snob and a boor.  He's an upper class twit, oozing self- confidence and bravado all the while missing death by fractions.  He is not a likeable person and he's hard to play.  He has to convince people of his value while all the while questioning himself. Wine, women, and constantly proving himself for his own needs; he is a death wish enabler.

All the author was saying, and obviously as a James Bond author he'd know more than unfamiliar people would, that it's a stretch for an approachable actor to convince the audience.

That said, I'd like to see them give Idris the part. Perhaps it won't be as difficult for him.