Monday, October 26, 2015

#DonaldTrump: Insulting your way into the White House

If #DonaldTrump wins the presidency, then this will be the first time in history that someone used rhetoric - as opposed to policy and personality differences - as the main plank of his political platform. 

The problem with Donald Trump's execution is you can't insult people - candidates or population - and then count on their support. If you are an abrasive person (and I can tell you from personal experience about being less than normal behaviorally) then you have an absolute ceiling on the people that accept you in the first place.   The more you insult, the less you count on. There is a long time between now and November 2016.

This demonstrates Donald Trump doesn't think three moves ahead, or if he does his plan is so genius it's inscrutable. But I suspect the former.

The only way to win with this course is to bring down every other candidate to your level that you're the least offensive candidate.  Carson is super-low energy, Bush's brother failed us on 9/11. The rest are losers.

How any one can insult people continuously and then expect them to work with you at the end of it is another matter.