Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dear Walmart: what is your Halloween persecution policy?

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Attn: Customer Service
702 S.W. 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716

Dear Walmart;

Tonight I went into my local store wearing a "political candidate" mask.  I bought it at a Halloween store and I'll let you figure out who it's similar to. 

I would like to ask you what your mask policy is. I looked in and there is no stated one.

I was walking around getting blank stares and maybe one in five smiles.  Most people were uninterested.  Then, one of your employees told me to take the mask off.  I asked why? She replied that I shouldn't wear a mask in here.  I asked who she was, the social police? She told me yes, I am an employee and I am telling you to take that off. She said I should wait until Halloween to wear my mask. She said the mask was upsetting people. 

Now, I thought about making a scene, I looked around and thought for the sake of harmony but also freedom.  I did comply but I was not happy about it for reasons I will now explain.  

For one, I have a problem with an employee stating I can't wear a mask yet you sell them in your stores. Exactly how are customers supposed to try them on? 


I suspect your employee was reacting out of personal experience. 

Second, since there is no stated policy I object to an infringement of my personal liberty.  How dare your employees feel they can make personal arbirtrary fashion decisions when we've all seen The People of Walmart:

There were a few masks in the images pool I've seen...

And what about hoodies?

Can an employee decide when a hoodie is unsettling people? Nonsense!

But what made me absolutely irate about the nonsensical treatment was then I 

walked by a young lady exercising freedom of religion by wearing one of these.

So when your employee makes a complaint that a mask of a politician is upsetting, because it is not Halloween, but they seem to be OK with a misogynistic, sadistic, infidel-beheading, mass genocide-mongering religion Islam; that is associated with this:

 Then it is objectionable in the highest that someone can be OK with religious symbols that are directly upsetting in the highest form.

It is offensive that a Halloween mask for fun and silly nonsense can be so upsetting yet taken seriously, while a symbol of oppression and human indignity is acceptable.