Friday, October 23, 2015

The Real #ClintonDoctrine: steal credit for success, distance and delegate failure

The media are so stupid when it comes to analysis that they really shouldn't claim there is any. They take things at face value, perhaps that they are struck gobless from the incessant camera glare, and that leads to them missing the bigger picture.  Or they don't want to ruin their favorites, and they skew the story or ignore the facts. But the professional journalist really really suck at thinking through evidence right in front of them.

I watched some if not all of the #Clinton testimony, and this is what I gleaned.
Here is the real #ClintonDoctrine: spend more time worrying about the credit for success, making sure the French don't take all the credit while things are positive.  And then if things go pearshaped, make sure to avoid all accountability and responsibility for the same action you were taking credit for a moment ago.

When it came to Benghazi, when it was a success she spent her time thinking how to shape the media response to the success.  When Benghazi became a failure,  Clinton left the details to security experts. She was quick to distance herself from all security matters and leave it to experts.  When it came to Tunisia, she was quick to elaborate how she PERSONALLY phoned the president of Tunisia to send troops and rout protesters at the US embassy.  Yet when she was asked to explain how she could remember with such vivid detail the Tunisia event and yet have no recollection nor contact with Stevens in Benghazi, her answers deflected the question. Libya was her project but she had no hands on?  Tunisia was just an embassy but her role was critical?
In either case, what is clear is that Obama was the president for it all. He was the individual responsible for all action because they all work for him. So why was Hillary spending so much time on the least important part of diplomacy?

It was clear that Libya was a Clinton project that turned a dictatorship into a failed state. If her smart power model was so successful why does she want to avoid the failings now?

Do Americans want a president that will spend more time worrying about praise and recognition for all acts than just doing the job?  Is being president about personal glory?