Friday, October 2, 2015

Russia is doing what the West should have done in Syria

Russia may be the villain in Europe; but in Syria they are the only hope to save Christians from beheading and subjugation.

The west is preoccupied with toppling al Assad before helping the people in Syria. He doesn't want another power vacuum like Libya.

Putin may be playing three objectives at once: to back a favorable Arab nation,  to defeat Islamic terrorists at home while away, and currying favor with European nations.

But he also understands that half hearted military action jeopardizes the innocents hanging onto 18% of the country.

He let USA act; it's ineffective and Obama has shown his hand as not interested in ground warfare so Putin stepped in before the regime is finished and there's nothing left to save.

Putin knows there's Islamic discontent and a willingness by Russians to stomp radicals and do their part against Islam.

Let's just hope they don't grow tired of the struggle.