Sunday, October 11, 2015

Modern society cannot coexist with radical Islam.

Modern society  cannot coexist with radical Islam. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There are Islamists and those that will soon be persecuted by  Islamists.
The fact that DAESH killed Muslims in this attack is because they are not true Muslims: only in-denial half believers.

Every time society tries to be reasonable, the other side is not bound to do or think the same. For Islam,  there is no accommodation, only stalemate on the way to final victory. Those that are moderate Islamists are in denial.

Society should stop kidding itself there's a peaceful solution.

If this isn't the case then why the rush to suicide bombers? This is one attack that ISIS will never take credit for because it will galvanize Turkey against them.

And if this attack is from ISIS then why does the media ignore this reality yet give honest and smart Ben Carson more problems for pointing these facts out? HE'S BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG BUT THAT'S NOT A CONTROVERSY.

He's not the first one to use stupid ideas to market to the American people.