Saturday, October 25, 2014

Breaking Bad Season 6

Here is my posited season 6 for Breaking Bad, the beloved AMC TV series:

Skyler White types the last few words of her novel.  She stops, takes a last drag of her cigarette and sighs. She pulls the finished page from the vintage typewriter and places it face down on the stacked ream.

She stares out the shabby window of her first floor apartment.  Nothing but cool bleak Albuquerque. She looks at the wall clock, there is time before she needs to pick up Holly at the daycare.

Skyler decides to start editing her book.  She turns over the stack to reveal the book title:

My Life with Heisenberg: a story of Meth, Death, Betrayal, Chemistry, and Hubris.

She flips to the Foreward, written by a man claiming to be the former-Saul Goodman, entitled "The Worst Meeting of My Life", and the memories come rushing back.  She feels differently, all of the self-pity and denial are gone and left with a cathartic sense of relief. 

No one has seen Heisenberg in years.  But for Skyler, the story is over.