Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lone wolf attacks are society's problem

Kevin Vickers says a lesson he took away from the incident is that safety is community-based:
“This is not an issue just for security, this is everybody’s issue and how we deal with this is by everybody, all the citizens, working together with their local police, their national police to ensure we have a safe society,”

We expect the government not to pry into our minds but also to predict transient unforeseen behavior. Really?

The fact is the threat is adaptive and distributed. We all play a part if we ignore the warning signs. Everyone that came in contact with Michael Zehaf-Bibeau could have made a simple one time alert to police. At least make them aware of your worries. Don't avoid the problem. Report it.

What would really help the cause of finding and turning young people on the brink of radical terror is a Facebook / Google+ / My space "report a radical" button.