Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Last Nail in Stephen Harper's Coffin

Ford scraps potential $2-billion investment in Windsor, Ont.

If there was one belief in the Conservative party, one that made a lot of people hold their noses and vote for them, was the theory that Conservatives know how to kickstart the economy and bring in jobs.  Now Ford will move a key engine plant to Mexico and those downsized jobs will be lost forever.

Whatever happened to "Canada's Economic Action Plan"?  Where's the jobs?

Instead, he's just tried to gain favour by whipping civil servants, and that hasn't given any real boost in popularity. Or the economy. People thought the economy would be in better hands with a smaller government philosophy apart from the Liberal "let's build a bureaucracy to solve a problem" strategy. But what has he done for Ontario?

Ontario is still hurting from the downturn in 2008. I know, I was just there. Losing this work will not be forgiven nor forgotten.