Friday, October 17, 2014

The Caliphate must be eradicated

Who amongst you wants to go back to medieval laws and customs?

Christopher Hitchens reminds us not to turn our back on Jihad

Who blows up a perfectly good building that even poor people could use for a house just to make a point? A completely irrational and anarchistic person. In his speech, he claims that his fellow fighters are not concerned with boundaries on the map, but clearly by pointing out Sykes-Piccot he knows the symbol of a guard post on a line.  He's lying the whole time.  He does want to control the whole world.  He does want you to follow his beliefs. There is no middle ground here. There is no negotiation. Even if he negotiates its from a position of waiting to leverage the situation and not a concession.

These people are the product of lies, hatred, and war. They have no pity nor even human decency left. They are programmed robots at this point. You would get a better conversation from Sarah Palin.

If you have no idea what the punishment looks like in "modern" Islam looks like just listen to this lady:

Since there is no negotiation and no future in letting them have a territory then we, society, must do everything to eradicate them. They are biding their time before they attack the next country; until they have converted and programmed another generation of robot fighters.