Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Corporations act like sociopaths and why enlightened self-interest is better.

DiGiorno Used a Hashtag About Domestic Violence to Sell Pizza

"Late Monday night, a tweet on the DiGiorno Pizza account said, "#WhyIStayed You Had Pizza."

It must be made plain that many corporations act "as if" they are sociopaths - meaning that they would act as if there are no consequences personally/corporately for breaking societal norms and the corporate interest is paramount.  I am not claiming the people are psychopaths, although the higher echelons gain a disproportionate number of people that would score high on the sociopath test by Dr. Hare.

Somebody paid to get cheap results from mass marketing using Twitter just coughed up a mental furball as it were, trying to do the companies bidding.

This is a reality of economic behaviour. Companies need to do things like advertise to get the word out. So they continue to make money.  But what is dangerous is that it exposes the rift between self-interest - doing something for your gain and enlightened self-interest - considering your actions in the wider economics of everyone's gain - and how raw sociopathy makes a mess of it. This is why mediation, Buddhism, and more peaceful thought processes are so important, they widen the user to better ways of achieving the same thing.

People acting without considering the consequences is a threat to their shareholders.  And it doesn't have to be like that.

What would the reaction have been if DiGiorno had acted with a little pre-thought and consideration, like this:

 "Late Monday night, a tweet on the DiGiorno Pizza account said, "#WhyIStayed What a testing time for all these brave people sharing intimate crises. For the next 24 hours, DiGiorno Pizza will donate a dollar from every pizza sold to"

What would the reaction have been then?  See? You don't have to act like a sociopath and get only what you want.  The best companies are in it for everyone. And if your company acts like a sociopath then you should be concerned - very concerned.