Friday, October 31, 2014

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face - Mike Tyson

Jian Ghomeshi  thought he could put his decades-old sexual depravity problem behind him by suing his former employer and getting out first denying his perversion - and that's a defamatory statement he can sue me over if he wishes - and demanding the media be careful or they would be sued as well.

Like the beating of these women he sought to dominate people ahead of their attacks against him. The true nature of a gutless bully.  Unfortunately, like that quote from Mike Tyson, he had a clever plan until he too was punched in the face. He is now feeling like those women that thought they were going to have a night of fun, instead they were choked and punched by a deviant.

He has suffered a humiliating and demeaning setback as the closet of abused people spills out before the public to refute his claims that he always has consent for punching women in the face. Or choking them.

There is nothing just in his position and he will soon face the shunning of the public his perversion deserves.


I did have a picture on here of Jian Ghomeshi, and I took it down because I had a moment to think about it.  Here is my reasoning:

I did not take it down because:
A. I am afraid of getting sued. He has plenty of people ahead of me to deal with.
B. I am afraid of Jian Ghomeshi: I'd love it if he tried his "tough love" on me, for I'd give him such an ass-stomping that might just scare him straight. Please, I invite him to try his tactics on men.

I considered the teaching of Buddha:
A. The internet is the forever machine.  If Jian mends his ways and becomes a better person, then that haunting image will resurface again and again to torment him.  That image decreases global happiness. That is against Buddhism, so I took it down.
B. This blog is a receptacle for my stream of conscious thinking. The point of this article was to point out the irony of having a plan to combat accusations that gets turned over like his victim's plans of having a night of fun.  I don't try to be sensational nor evil. I'm not doing this for a cheap punchline.