Friday, December 12, 2014

Conservatives aren't fiscal conservatives they are moral conservatives

The best example of why the Canadian Conservative party is a morally conservative party is their position on legalizing marijuana.

The evidence that the experts observe, and that has never stopped the conservatives from ignoring, is that it's better for society to legalize it.

Legalize marijuana and you produce a crop that makes jobs, funds the economy not the black market, weakens crime income, and lets citizens do what they want. It frees up officers to work on real crime. It frees the court system. How can a fiscal conservative justify this stance?

How can you claim to be a supporter of liberty when it comes to  sugar or salt intake freedom in diets and then reject an herb based on 1920's prohibition stupidity?

By criminalizing pot, you waste taxpayers' money prosecuting the smallest infractions. You are dictating to adults when the evidence shows the contrary, and you are perpetuating this nonsense based on inertia and what's  more offensive the dictation of the church that warns against vice but is OK with alcohol.

A government that regulates personal behaviour wastes resources on a task it should not be doing in the first place. The war on drugs is a failed US policy. Even they've admitted defeat. Why would we follow them?

The Conservatives take their marching orders from the church. That's why they won't live up to their so-called freedom and commerce ideals.