Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Government is broken, more cracks appear as the spackle hides the older cracks....

There are lots of things wrong with the government that the Conservatives don't want you to dwell on or care about.  Immigration programs that don't work, the military stretched beyond breaking, contracting that doesn't work...

 They said that they wouldn't cut important jobs and that veterans were important but:

"Departmental performance reports stretching back to 2009 show that roughly 897 positions have been eliminated across Veterans Affairs, with 33% coming out of the section that administers pensions and awards."

 Did they cut overpriced managers and executives? No, they cut the people that make a difference and spend money on veterans. They brought in an underspend of $1.1 billion in Veterans Affairs, that's not good management that's mismanagement and Executives should be fired for that. They closed offices and said it was a good thing, then rushed to reopen them when the real problem was not enough personnel to take care of claims.  Is that good management?

If you think that bringing in a surplus is the only issue that matters, then you might neglect these issues.  But consider this:

Two years ago, anticipating the winding up of the 10-year deal, the Harper government announced its own long-term funding agreement for health care. The deal was that they would continue with the 6% annual increases -- which is roughly twice as much as provinces are spending on health care -- until 2017. After that, the increases would be tied to economic growth with a minimum guarantee of 3% a year

Federal health transfers to provinces:
  1. 2006 — $20.1 billion
  2. 2007 — $21.7 billion
  3. 2008 — $22.8 billion
  4. 2009 — $24.5 billion
  5. 2010 — $25.7 billion
  6. 2011 — $26.9 billion
  7. 2012 — $28.6 billion
  8. 2013 — $30.3 billion
  9. 2014 — $32.1 billion
  10. *2015 —$34.0 billion
  11. 2016 — $36.0 billion
  12. 2017 — $38.1 billion

The surplus they wrecked operations for and all the cuts they have forced on the bureaucracy, and all debt repayment, is swamped by the bribery to provinces for health care. Bribing voters not to vote them out but leaving the country jeopardized in many areas including taking care of the veterans of Afghanistan.   Is that good management?

Angering Russia with lots of talk that even the Russians know is talk, at a time when they have mistreated veterans and the military is weak  Who wants to go and fight the Russians risking their life for a lump sum payment to your family? Brave Canadians know the government will likely mismanage their claims if they get injured.  Does that make sense? Is that prudent policy?