Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The single worst phrase in the English language...

If you want to pile all the worst qualities of people and their language into one truly bad idea, then use the phrase:

I feel like they should ...

The speaker feels something towards an issue.  This feeling has no research, no survey, perhaps even no understanding underlining an expectation. The speaker feels and it is up to the rest of society to humour this person's whim.

The second ergregious flaw is the next word: like. Whatever the idea involves that is the subject/object of the feeling cannot be explained as exactly and concisely as a specific direction. Whatever we are supposed to do to meet this whim, it rests on a guess about what might satisfy that feeling. Again no effort is made to clarify what is at stake.

The last part of this phrase is the most damning indictment of the utterer. The expectation on the rest  of society is to fulfill snowflake's wish without the participation of the speaker.

I feel like they should  is the rallying cry of the anti intellectual.

If you start speaking to me and use that phrase, I will discount everything that follows.

Because I feel like you should put more thought and care into your ideas if you want other people to take them seriously. You will never see or hear that phrase from me except to point out an anti intellectual.