Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Conservatives have become what they beheld.


All credit to Harper for not going through with Liberal plans when he took over, but times have changed. A man and a party once full of new ideas and vigour now has become as cynical and mean spirited as what their predecessors turned into.  Now they don't seem to care how false their statements are.

No Stephen Harper, the CIA report into torture does matter to Canadians. We turned over captured fighters on the battlefield to the US based on orders from Ottawa. That means tortured detainees had as much contempt for Canada and Canadian soldiers as they did Americans. It was Ottawa's job to  ensure the rules are followed. That makes us all complicit in torture against the Geneva convention. That is not Canadian.

One might say that's moot since they hate us anyway. But you represent the soldiers that serve the nation. You protect the rights and freedoms that everyone including our adversaries expect Canadians to believe in.  Instead of dismissing this you should be demanding answers from the US and assurance this will never happen again. And you could have even blamed the Liberals. Dismissing it when people were tortured was the least appropriate response.