Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Russell Brand is in denial

Russell Brand, you are a facile soul. I liken you to the Sloan song, "The Good in Everyone". But some people have no good as you define it.

  You like to think in reasoned terms, but sometimes you miss the supporting facts underlining the real issue. Christopher Hitchens pointed out 10 years ago that ISIS and al-Qaeda hated us long before Gulf War I. If ISIS members were only victims of US/coalition violence, then why are foreign fighters spending their time and money going to join ISIS? ISIS is a Muslim movement to reinstate the caliphate.  So what makes you think there is a simple peaceful solution?  The caliphate has an agenda, and it is to behead you eventually. ISIS has started killing Muslim Imams they declare are infidels, so no one is safe. So when you will stand up?

You like to think your superficial review is factual, but really superficial conclusions are more like the old addage, "when you are holding a hammer, everything is a nail".  You are spinning this as a commercial agenda to attack ISIS and Syria. If that is true then why didn't the US pivot and attack Syria upon exit from Iraq?  Why evacuate and then return? The US refused in the past  because the people refuse to see more body bags. The difference is not a corporate agenda, it's the images of beheadings and pillaging. These people, ISIS, are never going to stop, calm down or treat you like an equal.

Even in Buddhism, it is a just cause to promote violence by preempting violence. That reduces global suffering.