Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Internet: A refuge for pubescent nerds

It may seem hard to be a nerd growing up now, but imagine how much harder it was back 30 years ago when being an outcast nerd / geek was the equivalent of being a social pariah.  Without the knowledge that there were lots of the same kind of people, just distributed thinly over large areas, it might seem that there was something wrong with you. It made it easier to assume that when the only things on TV are sports.

To avoid some of the hazing, I played rugby and football with jocks and studied with my nerd friends in International Baccalaureate classes.   I avoided hostility because I could exist in both worlds.   But I still played D&D and watched Dune. I was lucky so it made it easier.

The internet has made all kinds of improvements to mankind.  Some are harder to see.