Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pakistan and the Taliban: Bedfellows with vipers

Pakistan's dual relationship with radical Islamic groups - officially against but secretly for -  has brought about the tragic event in Peshawar yesterday, when seven gunman ran around a school full of children of serving military personnel and slaughtered them.  It is an attack without conscience against the innocent for a reason that doesn't even make sense, publicity of their atrociousness. It does underline exactly what terrorists we are dealing with.

For many years, while the US poured money and effort into helping the Pakistani government weed out terrorists, as part of the strategy to support Afghanistan, they dithered.  Pakistan wanted to play on both sides of the game. Inciting anti-US sentiment to remain in power and taking the bribes from the US government. Blaming the CIA and protesting drone attacks, yet lining up targets. Supplying cover and safe passage to terrorists crossing into Afghanistan and back. Like stoking a fire but hoping it doesn't burn the house down around it.

The tribal region excuse is hollow, Pakistani intelligence was complicit as well. 

Trying to keep both sides happy made no one safer.  The fact is the terrorists treat the Pakistani government and people with the same contempt they treat Americans.

It should be a lesson learned that even Saudi Arabia, a country that has the same love-hate relationship with America - crushes insurrectionists without mercy.  The Saudis round up or shoot terror cells on sight.  Without regard and without compassion. Saudis meet savagery with equal savagery against radical Islam.

This is what you get for making vipers your bedfellows.  You chose not to weed them out but to accept them as fellow countrymen.  Radical Islam is only neutral and never your friend when you are giving them aid and comfort.  Once you decided to move against them, they were going to move against you.

How much easier would this have been if you had taken the aid and support of the US 5 years ago before they gave up? How many schoolchildren would be alive because TTP was out of existence?