Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Promote the Theory of Evolution to a Law

If scientists want to represent the theory of evolution as a proper fundamental law inherent in the natural system, then it should be described as a law.  The evidence is overwhelming, therefore it should be explained as such to society.

People don't understand the scientific definition of theory.  They assume if it's still a theory it can't be 100% reliable.

But look at it this way, we call Newton's three Laws of Motion "laws" but they were in fact are proven wrong. They don't work at subatomic levels.  They don't account for relativistic speeds. They are not true natural laws but an approximation. People got in the habit of calling them laws and no one wants to change that.

I'll start:  Darwin's Law of Evolution describes how natural biological organisms form species through adaptation and survivors evolve the genetic traits and characteristics of the successors.