Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pre-game show to Ferguson decision amped up rioter's; media is culpable?

What other American past-time has hours upon hours of lead up marketing until final kick-off of festivities?  Simple, the NFL's Superbowl.

Before the Superbowl there is a pre-game show defined as:

A pre-game show or pregame show is a TV or radio presentation that occurs immediately before the live broadcast of a major sporting event. Contents may include:

Due to the prolonged timeframe between the announcement and the kick-off of the grand jury announcement, there was 8 hours of pre-game show marketing and heightening of hysteria - just like the football game.

What did the media do when they found out the grand jury had a decision on the Darren Wilson indictment?  When the decision was delayed, it turned into hours upon hours of an ever-increasing stream of innuendo and replays that heighten the emotions and expectation of the people. The fervor grew higher as the time passed.

So what did the media expect when the riot kicked off?