Sunday, November 9, 2014

If the Western Capitalist Democracies are so evil, then why are all the ex-Soviet Allies imploding?

Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, all started out after World War II as allies of the Soviet Union.  Look it up:

All these countries began the post-war era in the Soviet sphere of influence.

Now they are all imploding. Except Saudi Arabia, but they turned to US ally and have the money to keep a powerful police state. They are an exception for different reasons.

Vietnam was an ally of the Soviet and an enemy of the US.  Of course we all know they dropped all allegiance to communist countries and jumped headlong into capitalism.  They are doing well, even better than the Asian average:

Actual Previous Highest Lowest Dates Unit Frequency
6.19 5.42 8.46 3.14 2000 - 2014 Percent Quarterly

Vietnam threw off communism and grew at an annual rate of at least 3% between 2000 to present. 

I may be cherry picking my examples, but it's not a coincidence.

So again, if the western capitalist democracies are so evil, then why are the old communist countries imploding?