Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm voting for the NDP next federal election.

I just watched a conference by Thomas Mulcair and I've decided to vote NDP in the next election.  I doubt they have a chance but here is my rationale.

He is pro science, not contra science. He wants a parliamentary science officer.

He is focusing on nutrition, not ISIS, because health concerns from bad food is a massive health care problem. This will help everyone live longer and feel more productive.  If you want to save the deficit and the debt, stop worrying about saving nickels cost cutting and tackle the biggest costs of the biggest federal expenses: health care. The Conservatives have signed the federal government up to a 6% year over year escalation in health spending without audit and without reason.  That is a recipe to bankrupt all of us in the long run. Conservatives are bribing local governments/local health care to help get elected with an unwise policy.  Conservatives may brag about the billion surplus, but they forget to mention the massive whale-sized health liability.

The fact is the business climate has swung so clearly into pro business that it is time to force issues back to a more balanced approach.  So a life-long fiscal conservative will vote NDP.