Sunday, November 9, 2014

Obama lost to hubris, not the Republicans

@Bill Maher, you are wrong about how Obama lost.  He lost because he thought the Republicans were too devastated to come back and he decided to play politics instead of lead the country. And the Democrats were just as guilty.

The real reason was identified by @Ed Rogers in the Washington Post back in September.  People don't like being told the economy is getting better when they see people working three part time jobs with no benefits and calling that fully employed. When they see companies laying off workers, when they see no factories coming back you can't lie to them they will get angry at you. Obama continued to overstate the recovery in the face of evidence to the contrary. Even after the election.

Case in point, the Keystone XL pipeline was a guarantee of jobs for Americans but Obama decided to punt the decision down the road and stall high-paying jobs to appease Democratic environmentalists.  But the people wanted the jobs and that angered lots of people in the heartland.

Obama has to expect the Republicans to play politics and play to the base.  So why did he risk a majority by not governing, not working for the greater good? I thought he was a hope and change president?

That's why Obama lost, hubris.