Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Corporate Sociopathic Behaviour: Christmas advertising before Rememberance day

There is a respectful window of time between Halloween and Remembrance Day that is set aside to honour the lives lost by soldiers and civilians in the wars that gave us all the freedom we have today.

So what is the rationale to start Christmas marketing inside Remembrance Day?

Your veterans gave their lives, wounded themselves so you have the freedom to sell whatever crap you want to everyone all year around. By convention this time starts right after Halloween. So that's eleven days to contemplate their sacrifice.

The 11 days in Remembrance Day account for a tiny fraction of the year.  Outside those 11 days are 8,496 hours to sell your wares.  But to make that more important than the veterans shows where your self-interest lies. And it's not very enlightened. Perhaps they have measured the outrage as a minority of the public so they are willing to take the negativity and still make a profit. That is even worse than ignorance.

If any company wants to hock wares at Rememberance Day, then please spend the rest of the year serving in uniform to make up for it.