Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People are the same globally

I've never liked the idea that we are equal. Equal under the law, fine. Equal in terms of priority, ok.

But no one is definitively equal. Equal means the same in every way. Without exception.

Equal in the sense of equivalent means that you can substitute one for another virtually. Never. Not even identical twins. If you can't copy and duplicate brain function there is no way to equivocate. In fact, since we are in a constant state of change (add coffee then subtract pee) we are time-varying so we don't equal ourselves moment to moment.

I understand the importance when people (white rich land owners) declared themselves equal. But we've moved on since then. It's an old problem.

A lesser claim is that we are all the same. Similar more or less. It is also more accurate. I've travelled from Hawaii to Hungary. People I've met, worked with lived with, shared wine and bread with are all the same. There is nothing ordinary or unimportant in this fact. It should be celebrated.