Thursday, November 20, 2014

What is stream of consciousness creation?

I use a very simple creation method to get ideas out: continue creating until your thought process stalls. I start by some simple meditation.  Normally just breathing. Not Om meditation. I do not aim my mind at a goal. I let it wander which is against meditation where you are focussing on the centre to consider your inner self. Not bad for a white guy?

Start with one idea and let it evolve and come out into some form as your main goal. Attaining that level of control on one thought is key.

Never delete your thinking nor criticize it while your brain is trying to get the ideas out. Most people lose creating by starting to edit before they have fully formed ideas. Don't self edit. Don't criticize.
Last edit comes later once you've distracted yourself and forgotten your thought process.

It really helps thinking like a Buddhist. You realize that the ideas don't exist anymore than you do so you don't feel ownership. Just stewardship. It's ok if they don't make sense. That takes time.

Accept your ideas as a starting point. Not a final goal. Once you attain idea maturity then put it on paper and THEN edit it. Simple is better. Concise and packed with meaning is better. Most insightful thoughts are deep but centred. Not bland and obvious. There is a design saying, a design is complete when you remove all that need not be there.

Most blog posts are stream of consciousness. That's why a word or two is wrong and some time later I've gone back to do a final pass. But look at the output. Apart from a few words or clarifications they are all stand-alone ideas done to fruition. Takes me less than 5 minutes. I can write off one before I board a plane. I do them waiting in line. My brain is constantly meandering. I have learned a unique valuable skill to realize I can form it and then release it.

Now my other secret is I've written four books. 300+ pages each in Strunk & White so about 600 pages each in normal writing. That is how I learned short sharp writing.

If you want to learn how start by meditating and ask for some advice. I'm here as long as my brain is.