Friday, November 14, 2014

Bill Maher is not a biggot

@Rula Jebreal is an emotional person so we can understand how unreasonable her attack on @Bill Maher is.

And the students of Berkeley that oppose his commencement speech are cowardly.

I am glad to hear that the university has more sense.  Frankly, Bill Maher would be a far more entertaining speaker than Larry Ellison, billionaire CEO of Oracle - that once famously gave a commencement speech that summarized as this, " I don't have a degree and see how well I'm doing, thanks to the fact I hire a bunch of you people to slave away for me."  Now that would be an offensive speech to graduating students!

Bill Maher and Sam Harris did not lump all Muslims into radical extremism. In their argument with Ben Affleck, who also didn't get the point and turned on the emotions button, they were not attacking Muslims for being terrorists.

They were attacking so-called rational people for believing in nonsense.

They were asking this, " if you are really a moderate, decent, thoughtful person then how can you take any part of Islam seriously?"

Bill Maher and Sam Harris were not even original in their contempt for religion.

Gore Vidal said. it.  He said that he is not an agnostic, but an atheist.

Ayn Rand said it. Ayn Rand said you can't choose reason and religion. It's either one or the other.

In fact, Ayn Rand and Gore Vidal were braver because they openly said all religion was wrong at a time when the majority of American people were either for religion or not diametrically opposed to it.

Christopher Hitchens said it. Hitchens warned of the coming caliphate back in 2005.

Richard Dawkins says it.

The argument that got lost in a haughty "smearing" indignation was the fact that the basic argument is how can rational people that trust airplanes and believe in television also get their spiritual advice from 2000 year old books.

The argument of the students at Berkeley is not that they are offended, that is what they are saying it is, ouch you hurt my feelings.  The students oppose Bill Maher because they don't like his message - university students attending modern college yet following a prehistoric belief system. That is why they are angry with Bill Maher.