Friday, November 7, 2014

Thought Spam

I have just created a name for what the internet is saturated with; no not porn.  You can never get enough porn. 

What I mean is the bland pleasantries; almost meaningless comments made without a lot of thought nor intended as insightful that people might agree with but won't be too offended by nor upset about but will click on for some obvious reason. Kinda like, "I'm for Jesus".  Apparently, this passes for real discourse.

This is the stuff I am talking about:

This is absolutely understood by anyone with a grade 5 education.  It provides nothing more to the community than something for you to agree with, because how can you not agree with it therefore you unwittingly - because your brain is numb from the dullness - do something to pass this on  and that person gets some attention.   

I'm calling this kind of stuff : thought spam.  Thought spam is my new meme. Thought spam TM.

It's the mark of an anti-intellectual who's trying to get attention - clicks - by passing the stuff you wouldn't talk about at dinner with the family that night.  It's meaningless.  It's mundane. It's uninspired.    It's yet another form of Monty Python's Vikings sketch:


Saying the same obvious stuff over and over is exactly what this type of "thought" is. It's counter productive because it gives you no new ideas, and could have been better spent on something meaningful. 

Now the people that create this sort of stuff are at least trying to inspire...something.  But the people that just pass everything on without a faint flipping clue what it means, they are filling a void with nothing.  They are the mouth breathers of the intellectual world.