Monday, January 12, 2015

Bill Maher is not outrageous, the media's denial about Islam is.

CNN makes a living covering terrorist attacks. Bill Maher makes a living pointing out the humor and nonsense in daily life.  Bill Maher read the polls of Muslims that support a lot of the actions of terrorists on nonbelievers as acceptable. Then he pointed it out. CNN calls his comments controversial.

What's controversial is CNN's denial of the obvious.

Looking at the Pew Poll:

 Let's add some of those numbers:

40% of Afghanistan  0.4* 31 million =  12.4 million
40% of Palestinian Territories = 0.4 * 4.5 million = 1.8 million
26 % of Bangladesh  = 0.26 * 156,594,962 = 40.7 million
18% of Malaysia = 0.18 * 30,417,000 = 5 million

I've just shown the first 60 million plus people that think suicide bombers are justified in certain circumstances.  I didn't look too hard, I didn't go too far.

So what's controversial is not Bill Maher, it's the media that will spend hours repeating the same things over and over, but won't pick up a calculator and find out.

This belief system in Islam is why we believe that Islam is the biggest problem religion.