Monday, January 5, 2015

Why did the Prime Minister take so long to sack Fantino?

The previous Veterans Affairs Minister was a bumbling underperformer, whose only flaw was following the PMO's orders. Julian Fantino was a train wreck of a manager, destroying the good will of the veterans that have suffered over a 13 year war in Afghanistan. Fantino couldn't spend out $1.1 billion in budget and they called it "good fiscal management".  Veterans are dying faster in Canada from suicide than killed in action. It's disgraceful. It is a real problem that can't be covered over.

It was so obvious things were not going well, this was costing so much and proving that the Conservatives really didn't care for veterans. Veterans won't trust the government to take care of them when they argue in court that the government isn't responsible for veterans.   So why did it take the Prime Minister so long to sort this out?  Why would you tell Canadians a lie, that things were going great and that you were doing well and then get rid of the minister?  How is this open and transparent government?