Sunday, January 18, 2015

No idea is above reproach, beyond criticism

Religious people would like if it you end your rights at the doorsteps of religion.

Pope wants protection of religion from criticism

If anyone can revenge your criticism, then where does it end?

I think pink is evil, you are wearing a pink shirt and you pull out your gun and shoot me?

Religions all cover for each other, all of them can't stand scrutiny so they are in league to squash debate, to censure criticism.  That is how a Catholic can justify for Islam.  They all make their money the same way. They all abuse their followers using the same tricks.

Here is the reality, if you question someone about their religion and they believe in that nonsense, then they get angry because they think you are mocking what they think. You are criticizing them through their beliefs. When people get angry it hides their ego from criticism because it's now about anger than thought. They stop thinking. 

So, the Pope wants you not to anger religious people because they will react in an emotional and unmeasured way. 

He wants to keep milking them, not make them angry and unpredictable.  Religious people want to keep the status quo, keep docile mollified slaves but not angry ones.

Society cannot function better if we let people act or think without criticism.