Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now is the time to look deeply at religion. Can society afford it?

The never-ending destruction caused by religious wars and religious causes must really be put on the same priority level as global warming, poverty, ebola, and other serious civilization-level problems.

It is no longer a benign problem, it never was pleasant but mankind really needs to question the arbitrary traditional logic that claims there is justification in religion. Do we keep allowing religious people to dictate morality to the rest of us? How can we live with a belief system that kills cartoonists and then complains about persecution?

Can we do without science? No, it is obvious that even religious people use optics, drive electromechanical vehicles, and enjoy all the benefits of science.  Think of all the extra technology we could fund if we made churches pay taxes.

All the taboos that we were told by moral authorities what to think: gay marriage, extended families, LGBT, marijuana, they are all falling to reason and evidence.  When will it be time for religion?

Does mankind need religion? Do we need to keep spending time, money and most importantly people following ancient dogma? Should governments be influenced by religion, should it remain a tax-free institution? Is teaching religion to children dangerous?