Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Conservatives not acting conservatively, more like mean spiritedly.

conservative (plural conservatives)
  1. A person who favors maintenance of the status quo or reversion to some earlier status.

When in Canada's history did the government disenfranchise its' citizens? If you want to go back to when no one could vote in Canada, then why aren't you taking away everyone's vote. Is this right?

Let me ask it this way, does the Canadian Government expect foreign living Canadians to pay taxes on assets they hold in Canada? I suspect yes.  So how can you in principled "good conscience" take away their rights yet hold them to their responsibilities?

The Harper government is spending your tax dollars to fight a ruling in court to take away the vote from expatriates. Not convicts. Spending serious amounts on lawyers fees to fight a triviality that goes against the true nature of conservatism? This is the best idea they had for tax dollars? Wouldn't donating the lawyers fees to a charity do more for the country? Or donating the lawyers' work pro bono to help fight for Canadians locked up abroad?

If the government was instead fighting to force foreigner Canadians to pick up the cost of sending their ballots in, and not expecting the government to do it for them for free, I would applaud.  You want to live abroad, pay for your voting expenses. That's fair to all.  That is minimal governance.

Taking away rights is entirely different and wrong. It may be the expedient way to do the same, but that's perverting law for the sake of convenience.

Minimal government does not mean going around bullying groups, picking fights with people for reasons of ideology. That ends up costing us all more.  This is mean spirited at best. Outright thuggery at worst.