Sunday, January 25, 2015

John Kerry: You can't separate religious adherents, they are part of a continuum.

I understand the strategic significance of saying you are not attacking all Muslims, just bad Muslims.  Your attempt to corner the extremists is noble.

However; you can't separate the good adherents from the bad adherents in a religion. 

It is not a question of uniqueness, it is a question of interpretation.  A religious belief system is packed with all kinds of non-sequitur. Many codes and interpretations.  To agree with some of it is to agree with the whole system.  There may be parts you agree more with, and some you would be willing to act on then you are an adherent. The amount and gravity of them depends on your willingness to believe in them. Not whether or not you are in the religion or not.

Islamic extremists are Islam adherents, you can't unpack them from the religion. 

We should not be polite with Islam, we should point out the belief system is part of the problem and reforming that must be part of the solution.