Sunday, January 11, 2015

Islam is the biggest religious problem

Like this cave, Islam hasn't changed much in a millenium.  Islam, the belief system, is contrary to most common modern cultures, standards, and national laws. When considering the most extreme version there is much for society to be concerned about.  Islam has a pernicious set of rules that dehumanize non-believers. This is a real reason for concern as we try to move towards globalization.

It was a religion started from a cult of personality of a local brigand. The claims are no more credible than the Bible. It preaches intolerance and apostasy.  No more, no less.

There is no need to rush to political correctness and claim we are all the same.  That sort of knee-jerk plurality is not what radical Islam would allow everyone else.  Radical Islam are merciless towards any other dogma.  They are even merciless to Islamic people they believe are not extremely faithful.

In comparison, there are no Buddhist death squads.  Radical jihadis justify their actions as approved by god based on the rulebooks they read. And by their rules, they are correct. 

For anyone that thinks we can ignore it as a cause of problems, then consider what that means.  It means letting the people that are under the spell of Islam continue to follow a fallacy and perpetuate more radicals. It means letting moderate Muslims excusing the bad behaviour of the radical jihadists.  It means people living around them have to live in fear of continued violence with no reason.

The biggest problem with Islam is the moderate majority is cowed to submission by the radical elements for fear of retribution. It means that Islamic nations can be governed by religious leaders. It means Muslims can be forced out of pluralistic society and into fascist regimes.  The caliphate is a fascist religious regime.  That reality makes it more dangerous than Christianity.

This is not the same with Christianity, where most people ignore the Pope and ignore the extremists in the Westboro Baptist Church (who mocked fallen soldiers at their funerals), or the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Secularism has beaten Christianity in the West because most Christians are pragmatic. They accept pluralism.

Poor downtrodden people in Christianity go to a shelter.  Poor downtrodden Muslims turn to the Koran and then the rifle. 

Those that choose reason over religion have the most at risk from extremism because we have no skin in the game. We must point out how bad these ideas are no matter how politically incorrect that is.