Thursday, January 29, 2015

Conservatives would rather pay lawyers than veterans

The Conservative government says that they support veterans but their actions show they would rather pay lawyers to fight a class action lawsuit from 7 veterans than pay each of them $100,000.

Fantino claimed,  "There are “real” and “meaningful” programs to help veterans and returning soldiers. On this side of the house, we deliver to our veterans,” he said during question period.
The government made sure the costing for $700,000 came from Justice Department rather than Veterans Affairs. 

And this is who they are fighting:

Major Mark Campbell was lying in a hospital bed, just starting to comprehend losing both his legs above the knees in a Taliban ambush, when he found out the federal government had stripped his lifetime military pension.
"I expected to just move off into the twilight and retire, but unfortunately it's just like the cliche out of a Hollywood movie," said the Edmonton man, describing the conclusion to 33-years of service after a final tour in Afghanistan.
"I come home and I find that, honestly, the biggest battle I've ever faced in my entire life is here at home against my very own government."

Campbell, who also lost a testicle, ruptured his eardrum and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, said he has been stripped of benefits amounting to about $35,000 -- a plight he would have avoided if not for accepting a second call to duty in Afghanistan. His lower body was decimated by the blast of an improvised explosive device while his team rescued another injured Canadian.
This soldier volunteered for a mission when he could have taken his pension and retired.  Instead, he risked his life and was punished for it.

Why would soldiers join up for unlimited liability? Why would they volunteer for missions that risk their life for volunteer operations overseas? They are making it too costly down the road in case we need people to sacrifice for the country.

Instead, they gave the money to lawyers...