Saturday, January 10, 2015

Terrorists break the social contract, they deserve no special favour from society

We have a social contract (like Rousseau's) amongst those in society.  We agree to play by the rules, to work together, to obey the laws.  This is the social contract that is the heart of how society's work.

But if people decide to foment rebellion, to terrorize fellow citizens, to act against the common good, to bomb subways, they have decided not to follow the social contract.  Breaking the social contract means they have decided to reject society.

They are in default of contract.  That means we don't have to play by the rules.

If people reject the social contract then they are not willing to obey the agreed upon contract conditions.  Therefore, society should not be held to give them all the rights of society, those are the conditions for contract followers.  They are now savages, they don't deserve the protection of the state. They don't deserve equal rights. They don't deserve freedoms of other citizens.

They don't deserve due process, health care, unemployment insurance, pensions, right to vote, right to assemble, free speech, right to privacy, and so on.  Those are for citizens.