Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Glib emotionalism from an intellectual midget.

Randy Weber, you embody all that is wrong in American politics. Your glib emotionalism is what makes it hard to participate in democracy.

Your president is a busy man, and there are not enough hours in the day. There are real safety concerns if the US president goes to France for a rally; it would make that rally more of a target for the next set of sleeper agents, not less. I doubt he even made the decision. His security probably said, we can't protect him so he's not going.

Frank Weber, you don't even know how wrong your comparison of Obama to Hitler is.

Hitler went to Paris not just to gloat over winning, and to rub French faces in the treaty of Versailles. Hitler was a corporal in WWI.  He went to Paris because he had a deep investment as a former soldier that spat blood in the trenches, and comforted dying comrades. The humiliated and beaten German nation overcame the rest of Europe.  Frankly, Hitler deserved to go to Paris. It was a crowning achievement after a significant victory. All his troops wanted to see their leader stroll under the Champs Elysee. It meant something to the resurgent German people. So it meant entirely more to Hitler than Obama. But that was never the point.

And how does that compare in any way to a freedom march?

Frank Weber, just because you compare someone to Hitler does not make you right and it certainly doesn't make you smart. It makes you an emotional manipulator that can't make an argument without invoking nonsense. Or Hitler.