Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Harper has learned little from Afghanistan

It seems like all those sacrificed soldiers,

their valiant sacrifice for what we believe, was lost on the Harper government. The concept of risks and perils when engaging in warzones has not sunk in to the Harper government.

The military is on a training mission in Iraq, which means no combat.

When the US won't do it why are we allowing it?

Harper is sending troops into harm's way while at the same time dropping the defence budget.

That was exactly the same mentality applied by the Liberals that wanted to get some PR points sending soldiers to Afghanistan's Kandahar province. Just another peace keeping mission... How well did that go?

Just because Ukraine is stable now doesn't mean it won't erupt.

Just because ISIS is being blunted doesn't mean you won't need more reinforcements to keep them moving backwards.

If you are going to cutback, then why involve us in TWO warzones voluntarily? This defies logic.

Where will that money come from if you are starving your Army?

Where will those volunteers come from when you mistreat veterans?

Will a token force with no budget scare Putin?

Where will our allies be if we don't keep our commitments?

All this means is that without preparation the ultimate cost for us to prevent more conflict will be higher than if we are ready to move in instantly. That means another billion dollars down the road that might be spared not to mention the ultimate sacrifices. That is good fiscal policy?

Taking money away from forces while putting them into two war zones demonstrates the lessons of Afghanistan's losses were not learned by the people that need it the most.

This isn't good management; this is not predicting and planning to avoid catastrophe. This isn't accepting the worst-case scenario. This is teetering on an abyss and hoping you won't fall in.