Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What arrogance!

Premier Jim Prentice claims Alberta is not an NDP province:

"This is not an NDP province," Prentice said after touring a Calgary bakery. "I don't believe that the voters of Alberta want to see an NDP coalition or an NDP government. I think they take pride in our province as the economic engine of this country."

Oh? NDP is the party of unions. Maybe you've been away too long but unions are the people that BUILT the economic engine of Alberta. You don't have a pipeline without welders.  You don't have a refinery without trades workers putting it together.

This is the total disconnect from reality and demonstrates total arrogance and entitlement.

I'm voting NDP. And I am a small c conservative.  If Prentice wanted to energize the economy, he'd legalize marijuana and take taxes from all those trades.