Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oh Sure, Islam gets along...

Hello from Rzeszow, Poland!

Ok, so Islam is the religion of peace, unless you are a desperate migrant, then you throw the Christians overboard...while fleeing to a mainly Christian country.

Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard

"Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths because they were not praying to Allah when they asked God for help when their dinghy suffered a puncture..."

Wait it gets better:

Those who witnessed the African Christians being murdered on the crammed dinghy told investigators how Nigerian Muslims became angry at Christian who started praying.
'They told him that they would throw him overboard if he didn't stop praying to God,' he said, according to La Republica
The witness added: 'They started shouting, two pushed the lad and he fell in the sea and drowned.'

Oh sure we can all accommodate for Islam, until Islam outnumbers us....

This life boat tragedy is also a message: it says that when push comes to shove, Islam will do whatever it believes is best.