Monday, April 27, 2015

The Government is running on ideology alone

How many jobs will the budget create? Finance minister admits he doesn't know:

The government is no longer thinking ahead for the people, it is in maintainer mode. It is not predicting what will be needed, it isn't investing in the future, it isn't taking advantage of low interest rates to renew infrastructure, it isn't dreaming of a far reaching improvement for the people.


 The conservative government's idea tank is empty and it is running on ideology. 


It's mantra is to deliver a balanced budget no matter how screwed that might make the people. They don't care how many people will lose their jobs. They don't care how much worse your finances are getting.  They aren't going to help anyone other than the main groups they think will help them win election.

 Think I'm joking?

Oliver responded to criticism for a comment he made last week about leaving any long-range fiscal problems resulting from the near doubling of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) to future generations. The measure was tabled in the budget.
"I hear that by 2080 we may have a problem," Oliver said in a broadcast interview last week. "Well, why don't we leave that to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's granddaughter to solve?"

  Or this one:

Two months after Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to consult widely on doctor-assisted dying, the federal government has yet to reveal how it intends to canvass Canadians' views on the emotional issue - much less how it intends to legislate on the subject. 

Or this one:
Health Minister Rona Ambrose made a public challenge to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson on Friday over the city's plans to regulate its marijuana dispensaries, saying the city has no jurisdiction to do so.

Councillor Kerry Jang has said the city is forced to take action because the federal government's medical marijuana laws are so restrictive. Jang also said the new rules are designed to protect children, rather than to expose or normalize them to the drug.