Monday, April 13, 2015

Watch an Intellectual take on Bill Maher over Islam

Fareed Zakaria has the brain power that Ben Affleck wishes for.  At least Fareed makes a better attempt at the same point without all the emotionalism.

Fareed has a point that calling Muslim's acceptance of their own religion counter productive, that it causes an emotional response to defend their religion. He is successful at putting Bill on his back foot.

The problem is, Fareed, that this is the problem with all religions as was pointed out by Richard Dawkins amongst others.  Just because there is something to complain about with religion, free thinking rational people don't need to spare their feelings if they get upset.  When we stop the argument, they get away with not really examining their religion. They get a free pass to keep going with silliness because of politeness. 

Politeness is not an option, these issues are too important for our future to let them go like has been done in the past.

Fortunately for us, Bill is not one to stop complaining.